David Maria

David Maria is the Living Transmission of the Eden Template, a natural born mystic, a multidimensional facilitator, intuitive coach, and the creator of The Eden Template. He works with a multidimensional team within the Monad I AM Presence whose transmission accelerates the process of The Eden Template activation. David’s sacred calling holds this container and assists those who work with him to step out of the limitation of logical-linear thinking and into their Soul mission as sovereign, multi-dimensional beings.

Upcoming Course:

11:11 Eden Temple Activation

Nov 7th 11am PST


Awaken Your Original Soul Blueprint


Join David Maria online via a Zoom conference call celebrating the 11:11Gateway. I will share the Eden Template activation which I received in 2018 in Mount Kenya. I received this transmission directly from the experience of activating a multidimensional master crystal aligned with the massive vortex known as Mount Kenya. Many tribes, including the Gikuyu seers/shaman who have been guardians of these energies, consider Mount Kenya to be the creation center of the planet.


The activation is an awakening / alignment, a re-connection to your original Soul Template / Blueprint, which over multiple lifetimes got shut down because we simply forgot that we are the eternal Divine. It quickens and you remember your direct connection to Source and aligns your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


Aligning to the awareness that you are Creation itself and that you live in a multi-dimensional quantum field of incredible Joy. When your soul template is fully awakened and integrated within you, creation lives in you as you and your life will transform in ways unimaginable to your old self.


"Contained within yourself is a vast creative force that can fill the world with its diverse and multiplex awareness. You have the ability to evoke, to capture, to epitomize a realm, a world, to draw it forth, to highlight it, experiencing for yourself the wisdom of the ages - the living proof that nature is totally alive, that the creative power is everywhere, and that all of it yearns to be given voice, to be celebrated, to be lived and You Are That Voice"


It is a blessing to be of service to all of you.


Zoom Conference Call: The energy exchange is $55.00.

If you're returning to repeat the Eden Template activation again, the energy exchange is $11.00.

11:11 Eden Template Activation
Nov 07, 11:00 AM PST
David Maria

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