Fri, Nov 13 | Meg Archambault

Dissolving Duality: 3-Day Intensive

Nov 13th-15th: Release resistance and reveal a whole new you!
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Dissolving Duality: 3-Day Intensive


Nov 13, 2020, 2:00 PM PST
Meg Archambault

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Dissolving Duality: Release resistance and reveal a whole new you!


3 Day Intensive Nov 13th-15th 

We will gather in five 2-hour sessions from Friday to Sunday. We have spaced the times so sessions are accessible to as many of our global friends as possible. Recordings will be available within 24 hrs. Investment for the 3-Day Dissolving Duality Intensive is $297.

Dissolving Duality is a 3-day Immersion into the world of opposites. It gives you a road map – a guidance system - to find the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck and help you undo them. So you change. From the inside out. 

You become the expert at investigating and navigating your way through your own polarized blockages, back to home base. Back to the Soul of you. The whole of you.

During your 3-day intensive, you will learn how to:

  • Drop awareness into your body and feel for blockages
  • Investigate character traits that protect you
  • Discover attachments that distort your perception
  • Reclaim parts of you that have been hidden from your own awareness
  • Dismantle the 3 main polarities that limit and suppress you
  • Come back home, repeatedly, and remember what it feels like to be balanced and whole.

Join us for the weekend immersion, where you will reveal – to yourself – perhaps for the first time, that you are whole, empowered, and free. See FULL BROCHURE HERE.

Upon registration you will receive an invite into the 'Twelve Stars Virtual Retreat' Slack platform where all Zoom sessions will begin. DO THIS FIRST! Once you are inside, you will receive further information about the course and an open chat will be available all weekend. EVERY SESSION OCCURS INSIDE OF THE SLACK PLATFORM. No emails. No zoom links to remember. Just show up at the correct time and a call will begin in the #dissolving-duality-intensive channel. 

DISCLAIMER: The process of getting you connected into "The Twelve Stars Virtual Retreats' can take up to 24 hours, so we DO NOT recommend last minute sign-ups as you might not be able to attend the first gathering LIVE.

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