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Merissa leads with her passion for the human potential, esoteric quantum physics and alternative healing. Her insatiable thirst to explore all subjects related to health, our inherent human potential, the essence of consciousness, Earth-based indigenous traditions, and sciences drives her daily work for humanity. Merissa enthusiastically shares this wisdom to help people take their health into their own hands. She combines a huge variety of practices from all over the world enabling her clients to experience an expansion of consciousness and actively engage in heart-centered living and healing.

Her experiences, interests and training have led her to study alternative medicine including: Acupuncture ~ TCM ~ Naturopathic/allopathic remedies ~ Herbalism ~ Reiki ~ Ayurveda ~ Yoga and Kundalini yoga ~ Mantra/prayer ~ Sound healing ~ Shamanism ~ Gem therapy ~ Energetic alignment ~ Diet/lifestyle practices ~ Hawaiian Huna ~ Shipibo cosmology ~ Western/Vedic astrology ~ Shamanic practices from all over the world



During a near-death experience and auto-immune disease at age 8, she received a transmission while in the hospital and learned the root causes of illness are emotional in nature. She also received/remembered her mission in this life, which was of service to healing humanity and the Earth. At age 8 she realized that her path was to help teach people how to both acquire and maintain their empowerment ,and thus optimum health, through living an illumined lifestyle of self awareness and self mastery. Health and our quality of life is a choice, and we need to explore the potential of our bodies to heal. The body is a highly intelligent design intricately connected to our belief systems and quality of thoughts/emotions. The body/mind/spirit connection is more profound than is currently widely accepted. Spontaneous healing is highly possible. This wisdom stems from many traditional branches of mysticism on a global scale including ancient technology systems and tools that are now becoming more socially acceptable as we collectively remember and take action.

Course Series: Ayurveda Basics

Mastering harmony, balance & self-care through this wholistic system for mind, body, & spirit

Register for each class individually or buy the BUNDLE for a discounted rate!

Week 1 Body Level: Introduction to Ayurveda & Dosha 

Friday, Nov 6th 5pm PST, $11

* Understanding this ancient complete system for our evolution: Mind, Body, Spirit

*Ayurvedic constitution: Take a Dosha quiz to identify YOUR unique genetic blueprint to manage your health & happiness. Knowing your elemental makeup provides an empowering road map  to manage harmony on all levels of being

*Brief overview of each Dosha to provide a wholistic understanding of your life, health & well-being

*Learning the Qualities of Matter as a system to reference for ongoing balance in life 


Week 2 Body +Mind Level: Longevity & endurance with Ayurvedic wisdom 

Friday, Nov 13th 5pm PST, $47

*Diet based upon Dosha, season of environment & phase of life

*The importance of digestion



* Effects of cellular nourishment on our psychology 

* Q&A


Week 3 Mind + Spirit Level: Sacred self- care through Ayurveda 

Friday, Nov 20th 5pm PST, $47

* Yoga practices by Dosha type

* Aromatherapy, breathwork, color therapy, and sound healing

* Mastering a balanced lifestyle through the Qualities system

* Q&A


Week 4 Spirit +Soul Level: Spiritual recalibration tools with mindfulness & meditation practices

Friday, Nov 27th 5pm PST, $47

*Meditation practices 

*Mind hacks to work through fear or suffering

*Maslow's hierarchy for evolution & actualization 

* Ultimate goal of Ayurveda: transition to soul awareness & Unity consciousness 

*Soul self transitions

* Q&A

Ayurveda Basics: Week 1 CLASS or BUNDLE
Week 2 Ayurveda: Body & Mind Level
Week 3 Ayurveda: Mind & Spirit Level
Week 4 Ayurveda: Spirit & Soul Level

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