Mastering balance, harmony & self-care through this wholistic system for mind, body, & spirit!


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Ayurveda Basics is a Self-Guided 4 Session Course Series:


Session 1 Body Level: Introduction to Ayurveda & Dosha

* Understanding this ancient complete system for our evolution: Mind, Body, Spirit

*Ayurvedic constitution: Take a Dosha quiz to identify YOUR unique genetic blueprint to manage your health & happiness. Knowing your elemental makeup provides an empowering road map  to manage harmony on all levels of being

*Brief overview of each Dosha to provide a wholistic understanding of your life, health & well-being

*Learning the Qualities of Matter as a system to reference for ongoing balance in life


Session 2 Body +Mind Level: Longevity & endurance with Ayurvedic wisdom

*Diet based upon Dosha, season of environment & phase of life

*The importance of digestion



* Effects of cellular nourishment on our psychology

* Q&A


Session 3 Mind + Spirit Level: Sacred self- care through Ayurveda

* Yoga practices by Dosha type

* Aromatherapy, breathwork, color therapy, and sound healing

* Mastering a balanced lifestyle through the Qualities system

* Q&A


Session 4 Spirit +Soul Level: Spiritual recalibration tools with mindfulness & meditation practices

*Meditation practices

*Mind hacks to work through fear or suffering

*Maslow's hierarchy for evolution & actualization

* Ultimate goal of Ayurveda: transition to soul awareness & Unity consciousness

*Soul self transitions

* Q&A


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Ayurveda Basics Course Series w/Merissa Indigo


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