Dissolving Duality Intensive: Release resistance and reveal a whole new you!


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Times are changing. No doubt about it. But change can be challenging. You want it. You fear it.

How do you change when you are stuck in patterns that have been with you your whole life?

And what about blind spots? How can you begin to see the unconscious patterns that run you and limit you?


To change at the deepest level, you’ve got to step back and see yourself clearly:

Where you hang onto parts that are familiar.

Where you reject parts that you judge.

And where you stay stuck because it is more appealing than revealing what is new and ready to emerge.


Bottom line is, you’ve got to see that there are structures woven into your protective personality. In the form of polarities. And that makes change, nearly impossible.


Dissolving Duality is a 3-day Immersion into the world of opposites. It gives you a road map – a guidance system - to find the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck and help you undo them. So you change. From the inside out.


You become the expert at investigating and navigating your way through your own polarized blockages, back to home base. Back to the Soul of you. The whole of you.


You reveal – to yourself – that who you truly are is, whole, empowered, and free.


During your Intensive, you will learn how to:

- Drop awareness into your body and feel for blockages

- Investigate character traits that protect you

- Discover attachments that distort your perception

- Reclaim parts of you that have been hidden from your own awareness

- Dismantle the 3 main polarities that limit and suppress you

- Come back home, repeatedly, and remember what it feels like to be balanced and whole.


Dissolving Duality Intensive:

5 Recorded Video Sessions (2 Hours each)


Session 1: Opening Gathering


In our opening session, we talk about duality and explore the ways you protect yourself with polarized structures woven into your personality. We discuss a map you can use to navigate and dissolve these structures and prepare you to practice the techniques you will use throughout the intensive.


Session 2: Dissolving Abundance/Scarcity


This is the first of our sessions where we work with one of the 3 main polarities. We look at your relationship with Abundance and Scarcity. We gently bring this polarity to rest through a Duality Dissolving Guided Meditation, and you can sit in the radiant light that is the result!


Session 3: Dissolving Arrogance/Worthlessness


In this Session, we look at your relationship with Arrogance and Worthlessness. We gently bring this polarity to rest through a Duality Dissolving Guided Meditation, and you can sit in the radiant light that is the result!


Session 4: Dissolving Victim/Tyrant


In this Session, we look at your relationship with the Victim and Tyrant. We gently bring this polarity to rest through a Duality Dissolving Guided Meditation, and you can sit in the radiant light that is the result!


Session 5: Dissolving Duality Closing Gathering


In our closing session, we talk about using the Dissolving Duality techniques in everyday life. Participants share their experiences from the Intensive and begin to integrate all that has been learned.


Meg Archambault, is a master SoulWorker, Energy Intuitive, and Emotional Processing Mentor. She works with clients around the world, diving deeply into unconscious patterns, helping to dissolve them from the inside out.


Meg often intuitively knows root cause of issues and “sees” solutions.

She holds a welcoming and loving space for all aspects of consciousness to come forward so they can be accepted and integrated back home.


Meg’s gentle facilitation style will take you on a journey through the polarized structures that define you. And make change challenging.


In guided meditations, she will coax forward the parts of you hidden in your unconscious. She will guide you to welcome them. And receive them.


You will experience time and again, the body-felt sensation of your true nature, your soul self, so you can repeat the process and get there on your own.


You long for wholeness. That place where you are completely yourself. Where you feel connected, alive, and free. Polarities are the compass that point you in the direction. Dissolving Duality gives you the map to take you home.


Join this immersion, where you will reveal – to yourself – perhaps for the first time, that you are whole, empowered, and free.


Note from Meg:


A deep bow of gratitude to Leslie Temple-Thurston and Lucia Rene for the work they brought forward in the world, which is the foundation for the Dissolving Duality Immersion. In Leslie’s book, The Marriage of Spirit, I studied the energy of Duality and learned a polarity processing technique called “Squares.” Through Lucia’s work with The Mechanics of Perception and Processing, I learned how to dissolve the density we hold in our bodies, known as egoic structure, with acceptance and care. I have merged these techniques and added my own essence of dignity to create a unique pathway to dissolving duality. I look forward to sharing these precious techniques with you. So much love, Meg.

Dissolving Duality INTENSIVE w/Meg Archambault


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