Processing with Squares Workshop 'On-Demand'


New Earth Tools for Empowered Living


In this Exploratory Workshop, you will:

  • Receive wisdom teachings on the Self, Soul and Source

  • Be guided on a meditative journey into the objective Witness

  • Learn step-by-step my top TWO techniques for releasing fear, resistance and past programming

  • Be lead start to finish through a Square


BONUS: Receive PDFs of the techniques, mp3 download of the meditation, and guidance for continued study!


Upon purchase, download the PDF with links to the 1:40 hr workshop and all the resources!


The Squares Technique, is a profound tool for working with unconscious desires and fears and my personal go-to. This technique is from the book, The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today's World, by Leslie Temple-Thurston. She offers the chapter on Squares free on her site, but I recommend purchasing and reading the whole book, it is a gem!

Squares, are a mental technique to address the polarities that otherwise play out in our physical world. This journaling process, pulls from the unconscious mind the hidden influences over our actions and uncovers why we end up living out the same lessons again and again. To be conscious creators we have to take responsibility for our inner world, as this is what shapes our outer world.


Why learn the Squares Technique?

“Self-Inquiry can be instantly rewarded when processing with Squares- as you realize old ideas or beliefs, bring them conscious, and write them down, you move into acknowledgment and acceptance and often feel a shift right then. Sometimes one square takes you deeper to another square, and that's ok! It is always great to engage the mind with a square as there may be specific fears or desires that are needing consciousness recognition to allow the full release. I get very excited about Squares, I am very 'in my head' so it helps me heal my emotional body and trauma by working with the thoughts. I owe rapid, miraculous change in my life to the Squares technique.”


I am Megan Manice, Life Coach & Spiritual Guide, and I teach tools for empowered living. I am here to help clarify the Truth of your Being. So you can hear the calling of your Soul's purpose and be free of resistance to share the gifts you came here to offer.

I help serious truth-seekers rise into full creative expression and say goodbye to trauma, fear and resistance. Through 1-to-1 coaching I share wisdom, offer intuitive healing, and teach techniques for accessing the unconscious mind and embodying your Soul's wisdom.


By taking responsibility to clean up our inner world we ignite change in the collective. I want to share with you the best tools I have found for releasing fear and resistance. By processing our ego, past programming, trauma, letting go of judgments, expectations, and attachments the light within us can shine like a beacon in our communities!


Workshop aired live 9/5/2020, what participants said:

“I really enjoyed your workshop, it gave me a new way of looking at things.” -Marty

“Thank you Megan, This was an interesting exploration into the world of squares!!! “ -Elisa

Processing with Squares Workshop On-Demand


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