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Adria Wind Horse Estribou channels Angels Ariel and Raphael, and shares her own very human experiences around creating a life for ourselves that is radically free. In these uncharted waters, the angels have some very practical advice and profound perspectives to share with us.


*7 Hours total of Video!


Radical Freedom (1 Hr) 

Choosing your own reality in times of untrustworthy messaging, heightened fear, instability, and tremendous paradigm shifts. How can you be radically free?


Freedom of Abundance (2 Hrs) 

What if you had freedom from framing your life around: what do I do to make money? How can I fit my dreams around needing to make money to pay the rent and bills? What if that didn’t exist – what would you wish for then? [This is not a course about “financial freedom” eg having enough money so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Nor is it about stepping into poverty.]


Freedom of Mind (2Hrs) 

Are there others giving you messages (encoded or otherwise) that are meant to control your way of thinking? Are you limited in ways you don't recognize - into the questions you even ask of what is powerful, or more important in your life right now?


Freedom from Fear (2Hrs)

When your experience is not fear-bound, how do you navigate a time of fear, of global unrest and unwillingness to see grace in the circumstance? When is fear an important indicator? When is it just someone else's problem or choice?


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Radical Freedom Course Series w/Adria Estribou


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