THe Art of Being Seen: Injecting Light into the System


2-Hour Talk with Elizabeth Wood


Friends, these times of swift adaptation has left many of us reeling. We’ve had to learn to use new technology and somehow move our intimate and sensitive work online using the camera, mic and internet. One of the greatest complaints I hear from light-workers now is the huge amount of worthlessness and self consciousness that is inevitably brought up through interfacing online. Part of this is because we’re looking at ourselves much more often, causing negative programming to magnify. There are also mystical components to this system, and they are most important now. In this talk I’ll share with you:

•How the system was set up to interconnect our souls with the Matrix
•The present state of the system and how we’re being asked to use it
•The physical, spiritual, emotional and mental ways you can inject light into the system

It’s time to get to work creating the New Experiment in Consciousness. Your light is more important than ever. It’s time to use it to the fullest.

With love,
Elizabeth Wood

The Art of Being Seen Talk w/Elizabeth Wood


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