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Silvia Isaac

Silvia is an intuitive empath healer, Angelic Reiki Master, Light alchemist and a visionary creator that is here to assist others along the path of Soul remembrance, to heal and transcend many layers of trauma, and weave light in your life’s journey. Through her own life experiences of healing trauma and transcending, embodying and remembering her gifts, Silvia activates others. As a visionary creator, Silvia has the ability to envision and create what is not yet seen or conceivable to others and inspire others to see life as a series of opportunities that are here for you and not against you. Silvia brings a varied method to her sessions due to her human diversity and Soul diversity bringing a unique approach.

On Demand:

Heart Based Business

With the collapse of all structures and old ways of doing business, the re-creation of how we do commerce personally is inevitable. The world of “business as usual” has taken a big turn. Our personal preferences, consumerism and the way we spend money is changing too.