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An Online Membership Community 

providing opportunities for 'Self-Inquiry'  within a Circle of Support

"It’s not your Normal Social Media Platform and it is not for the faint of Heart!"

The ancient act of Sacred Circles for connection and focusing spiritual power is more important than ever! You are being given an opportunity to gather with a group of awakened individuals for a special experience in connecting.

Each day in The Circle you have the opportunity to share, be heard, express intentions, and focus our spiritual energy to grow/merge whatever is coming up for us and the collective. One thing we have learned in building The Circle is when we gather as human beings we have great power! In The Circle you will find new friends, feel heard and feel connected.

The Circle is a safe place to try on ideas, process challenges – and get Real. Through a unique ethos of authenticity and compassion, The Circle will strengthen your superpowers of receptivity, intuition and heart. Sharing your story with others validates your experience in the modern world. Surrounding yourself with others whose focus is Awakening will expand the boundaries of your vision and give you valuable insights. Be witnessed by like-minded beings committed to your awakening and fulfillment, and experience true connections and exponential growth.

The truth is we all need a lot more support as we go through this journey on Earth together because change is happening so rapidly. It’s time for unity and cohesion! I hope this beautiful space we call The Circle will be a space of great joy, healing and intimate support. We’ll see you there!

If you enjoy Social Media, yet are tired of all the negativity and divisiveness then I have something special that I would like to introduce to you:

A team of individuals who are dedicated to Awakening and Consciousness have created an amazing container within the Slack platform where you can connect daily and share your current processes and experiences with each other. Because it’s in the Slack platform it is away from all other noise and distraction and allows us to create a safe and supportive space for each other where we can go as deep as you have the courage. We also have many Small Circles within the Big Circles where you may spend time in a 90 minute timed event of deep ‘self-inquiry’ in a safe active listening environment. There’s also lots of laughter and wisdom and art and poetry and support!

Each month we will gather for a BIG CIRCLE Call 

We will spend (2) two hours together to share, be heard, express intentions, and focus our spiritual energy to grow/dissolve/merge whatever is coming up for us and the collective. We will talk about the latest energies, check in, meditate and clear! Each month we always UNITE to build a Pillar of Light somewhere in the World! Unlimited people can attend either by registration or by watching on YouTube LIVE. Registration for each month’s call will be sent to you via email.

Watch past Big Circle Calls on YouTube!
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You will have the Opportunity to Receive Support in our Weekly Small Circles. We currently have several different types of Small Circles running weekly. Please go to the #small-circle-calls Channel inside The Circle to find out more. In our ‘Self-Inquiry’ Small Circles, we ask for a three week commitment not only for the benefit of yourself, yet also as a commitment to each person within your Small Circle. These Circle have proven to be deeply transformational for many so I do hope you will join one.

If you would like to try ‘The Circle’, please feel free to join us for a month and then you can cancel at anytime.


If you know you are ready to jump in and make the commitment to try something NEW, then we also have a re-occurring payment option to make it easier for you!

We are committed to turning NO ONE away regardless of their financial situation, so we have started a Scholarship fund if you wish to be generous in helping others who are less fortunate than yourself, you may. 


The Vision of The Circle is that we have Equanimity with 1/3 gifting themselves and another, 1/3 gifting themselves and 1/3 receiving the gift of a scholarship. The ultimate Goal of The Circle is to completely sustain itself. It will make No Money, yet will provide a safe environment for some deep ‘Self-Inquiry.'

In order to have a safe, secure environment for The Circle we are currently paying $8 per person. Trust me, it’s been worth every Penny as this Community has grown exponentially individually and collectively. In the Spirit of The Circle, we have attempted to include everyone and have set up the following payment options:

If you are Blessed and can afford to do so, we invite you to pay for your membership and one Scholarship for a total of ONLY $16 per month

If you are making it and are holding your own and can honor yourself with this gift then it is $8 per month

If you are struggling to make ends meet and you are committed to consciousness, then we would love to offer you a scholarship- Please email