Become a Twelve Stars Creator!

The Best Teachers are Students Too

Here at The Learning Collective you are both a student and a teacher.

Each person has something they can talk about that they truly LOVE. 

That love inspires, heals and transforms the subjects we share.

And it changes us as individuals and a community.

Holding Hands

Want to be a Creator?

Do you have something you'd like to share that lights you up and inspires you?

When you join us as a Creator - 

  • We create a special profile page for you on Twelve Stars site

  • We help you use Zoom to teach your event or course easily 

  • We run sales for you

  • We help you interact with students

  • We market your course on multiple platforms

  • We do a mini interview video for your course to be used any time

  • We leave your course up indefinitely

  • You get an open opportunity to publish your course with the publishing company officially if you want to

The Learning Collective Creator Split -

No initial setup fee or membership fee. Instead we have a special split payment arrangement. The Learning Collective -

  • Splits your first course sales 50/50 with you

  • After the live event, courses are split 70/30 - 70% to you as passive income

  • 3% from The Learning Collective's initial 50% portion goes into the Twelve Stars Foundation and Global Sacred Trust (not taken from your portion)

  • Offering more than one course? We will split the next courses you create 70/30!

If this feels right for you - fill out the Create With Us form below!

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